Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top 5 Biggest Holes on Earth

1. Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine
This minew is situated in the USA on the south-west of Salt Lake City.
Diameter: 4 km
Depth: 1.2 km

2. Mir
Mir is a kimberlite mine which is situated in Russia, Mirny city.
Diameter: 1.2 km
Depth: 525 m

3. Great Blue Hole
This hole is situated in Lighthouse reef, 96 km from Belize.
Diameter: 305 m
Depth: 129 m

4. Karstic Hole in Guatemala
This hole appeared in the capital of Guatemala as a result of tropic storm Agatha.
Diameter: 20 m
Depth: 150 m

5. Monticello Dam
This dam is situated in California, USA.
Diameter: 22 m
Depth: 21 m

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