Sunday, December 25, 2011

12 castles in the water (in photos)

water tower (see water Castle ), is precisely a small castle or fortress that is completely surrounded by trenches or bodies of water, both natural and artificial. While the mysticism of the history of Castile, the nasal part of the landscape are inevitable, the truth is that the variety of ways a defensive castle were numerous: guarded by a moat, but also by cliffs, rocky headlands, and even tidal .
Some time ago, we knew castles and star-shaped fortresses . In contrast, water castles worth of pits or natural or artificial ponds, where water makes defensive obstacle. The truth is that water was once part of the protection, eventually became an obstacle to the preservation of castles, dampen the foundation. And so, today there are so many castles surrounded by water that your pond survived. We review some of the most attractive within Europe :

1. Le Chateau d'Azay le Rideau, France

Castles in Europe Water

2. Leeds Castle , England

Water Castle in England

3. Castle Trakai , Lithuania. (On an island)

Water tower Lithuania

5. Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Water tower in Denmark

6. Mespelbrunn Castle , Germany

7. The Red Castle ( Cervena Lhota ), Czech Republic

8. Hoensbroek Castle, Holland

9. Caerphilly Castle , Wales

10. Castle Stalker , Scotland

Water Castle in Scotland
And I could not miss:

11. Castle Donan Eileann

Water Castle in Scotland

12. Bodiam Castle , England

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