Sunday, December 25, 2011

8 lakes that hard to believe that there

Lakes that change color or neighboring lakes of different colors. Dream Lakes in the desert, volcanic craters, or thousands of feet in height, lakes hipersalados, crowded with jellyfish, boiling lakes.
Are some of the places chosen for review can not believe that there are:

1. Kelimutu Lakes, three lakes that change color in Indonesia

First on the list, or the first, three crater lakes, a volcano near Moni, on the island of Flores, Indonesia.The three lakes of Kelimutu have different colors, but to top it off, change. And the landscape is obviously "unreal"

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2. The dune lakes Ubari Ihhan in Libya.

In Ubari Ihhan dunes in Libya, there are about 15 salt lakes, including the largest named Mandara.However the most striking is the lake called Umm el-Maa, also suitable for a dip.

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3. The Red Lagoon, Chile

Three meters in 1500 in northern Chile, the landscape goes into a surreal atmosphere. In isolated lands still remain little-known places that are not even on a map. The Red Lake has a colored liquid so intense that seem ink or blood, remain eternally warm waters and therefore, little is known of his depth.
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4. Jellyfish Lake

... Or Jellyfish Jellyfish Lake . Located in one of the islands of Palau Rock and is a balanced ecosystem symbioticalltravel photos

5. Crater Lake volcano Irazu, Costa Rica

The lake formed inside the crater of the Irazu volcano , is an attraction in itself, especially by the intense green color of the water. The volcano is active but no eruptions since 1963. The color so special is the result of a combination of light and mineral water.
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6.The lake Brea (Pitch Lake), Trinidad and Tobago.

In the southeast coast of Trinidad and Tobago, a natural reservoir of asphalt has little resemblance to any conventional idea we have of the word "lake". The Brea lake has an area of 47 ha and a depth of 80 meters. It is one of the world's largest of its kind. To cross it, you just need to look good where to step, avoiding the sticky areas.
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7.Five Florwer Lake, China

It is in the region Jiushaigou, and is also considered one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to their environment, cistalinas waters, and the variety of tones of water according to each season:
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8. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

It is located in the Andean Fauna National Reserve Eduardo Abaroa. Laguna Colorada is part of the Bolivian highlands.
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