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10 fantasy landscapes that seem in Spain

After the impact of the 10 places that look fancy , scattered across the planet, is the shift of focus in a country, on this occasion, no less than in Spain, a country of wonders and surprises. We refer to natural wonders that also have a special charm, an aspect that makes them look out of the natural parameters that possibly we are accustomed. waterfalls falling into the sea, landscapes masterfully shaped sandstone by wind and rain, caves with underground lakes, basalt columns that seem carved, and even some scenarios that seem distant planet to Earth , they all add up to 10 places that seem fanciful. Of course, there are many more places than the readers themselves can add in comments:

1. A strange landscape in Antequera

El Torcal de Antequera in the province of Malaga, a landscape of strange shapes like no other. one of the best examples of karst landscape in Europe.

2. Caves of Drach

On the east coast of Majorca, the Drach caves are one of the natural wonders of the island, from 2,400 meters long and 25 feet deep, should not leave anyone indifferent. What's more, inside is one of the largest underground lakes in the world, Lake Martel.

3. Timanfaya volcano apocalypse

It is the largest volcanic region of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, a field of more than 300 volcanoes have spewed fire and lava near the sea for thousands of years. The landscape ofTimanfaya National Park literally seems from another planet petrified lava, volcanic ash deserts, cracks, craters and curiosities such as a floor a few inches deep is the temperature of hell.

In Timanfaya, by throwing a bucket of water in a crevice, the ground returns us to an impromptu instant geyser:

4. Granadilla, a walk through a lunar landscape

Within the Paque Natural Forest Crown , south of the island of Tenerife, a trail leads ahasta a lunar landscape, within Chasna Road. Although the ride is done on foot with some difficulty, landscape, colorful provides rewards.

5. A waterfall that falls into the sea at the mouth of Xallas

Thanks to the comments in 7 waterfalls falling into the sea , we include in the list one of the only natural waterfalls that fall directly on the sea around Europe. Today the show happens, but halfway, because the river's mouth Xallas, in the town of Ézaro , province of La Coruña, is regulated and time resulting from a dam that regulates the watercourse. When the gates permit (see schedule ) the view is majestic.

6. The giant arches beach (Playa de Las Cathedrals)

In Galicia, is the beach of the Cathedrals , stunning cliffs eroded in a way that its arches, buttresses look like a gigantic Gothic cathedral, with more than 30 meters in height. (Imagescourtesy of José Miguel Martínez )

7. Royal Bárdenas natural sculptures

Southeast of Navarra, are the Bardenas a masterly landscape eroded, with the distinction of being a clay soil, combined with gypsum and sandstone. The shapes left by the wind and water are striking:

8. The pillars of Bodies in La Gomera

The erosion of the sea, has exposed northwest of the island of La Gomera, Canary Islands, a landscape that is known as organs, ancient remains of solidified volcanic lava and basalt pillars or columns:

9. Red sand in Las Médulas

The wonder of Médulas in the province of Leon, is a paradoxical combination of human activity and nature, this time, with surprising results: the erosion of the landscape by a mine in Roman times, leave a picture recovered from a dramatically: red sand hills that overlook the greenery of chestnut and oak.

10. The enchanted city of Cuenca

To end our 10 locations in fantasy for Spain , we moved to a place where the rocks seem natural giant mushrooms: the Enchanted city of Cuenca . Water, wind and ice have eroded karst landscape in a colorful and whimsical.
Of course, the list of places not end here. You can add the place in Spain know in comments.
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