Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unusually Beautiful Nature Pictures

Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Utah, USA  photo source

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania   photo source

Sunlight Reflecting off the Salmon River, Idaho, USA   photo source

Olgas, Northern Territory, Australia   photo source

Golden Wave at Sunset, Puerto Escondido, Mexico   photo source

Aurora Borealis in northern Norway     photo source

Puffin at Shiant Islands, Scotland, UK  photo source

Waterfall, Palau, Micronesia  photo source

Monarch Butterflies, Mexico   photo source

Usk River at Sunset, South Wales   photo source

Ouem El Ma Lake, Libya  photo source

Ice arch  photo source

Hidden Lake, Superior, Montana, USA  photo source

Ribbons of dunes trap the rains, Brazil   photo source

Claret Cup Cactus, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA  photo source

Ancient Tree Of Life,  Angel Oak Park, Johns Island, South Carolina, USA

Antarctic Blues    photo source


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    1. O.Warfield dear .. thanks for your comment ... really appreciated what you have said dear .. will visit your blog .. n m glad that you like my blog .. Thanks again for your comment ..