Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Benefits of Mangosteen

Despite being a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia,mangosteen has been extremely in-demand and has reached fame all over the world. It may just seem like another treat for the taste buds but there are actually many health benefits from mangosteen than one had imagined. These advantages had been written, in fact, as far as back as 18th century.
Mangosteen fruit as anti-inflammatory is usually its most sought-after use. This is often attributed to its primary active component, xanthone, along with its derivatives. These compounds have also been found to have other benefits, such as having anti-convulsant and anit-allergic abilities.
Aside from xanthones,mangosteen fruits also come with sterols, catechins, polysaccharides and proanthocyanidins. Although these components do not provide much value nutritionally, they actually play an active part as antioxidants. This prevents oxidative stress, which is often associated with various neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.
Of course, we all know that antioxidants also play its role in slowing down aging. Free radicals in the body are the ones that cause cellular damage that result to diseases and the development of signs of aging. The job of these antioxidants would be to neutralize free radicals before they form into long chains and thus prevent them from oxidizing.
To maximize the health benefits of mangosteen, the rind or the exocarp of the fruit should not be neglected as well. Most of the nutrients of the fruit actually come from this part. Because they are rarely eaten, folks before usually use the rind to treat infections of any kind, whether internal or external.

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