Saturday, March 31, 2012

Learn Mangosteen Anti aging Secrets

Antioxidant Benefits For Skin and Health

If you’re interested in "anti-aging secrets" you will want to learn about mangosteen.
No other tropical fruit has been found to contain as high concentrated doses of antioxidant vitamins, known as xanthones, with the power to nourish, transform your skin, and reverse the signs of aging.
Mangosteen Fruits (Garcinia mangostana) is found primarily in Southeast Asia, parts of South America and the Philippines.

Although the fruit can be eaten fresh or dried, it is its juice that has grown in popularity.

The exotic fruit juice can be used topically on your face and dried juice powder can be used to mix in an anti aging cream.
Aside from the well known health benefits of this fruit,an enormous amount of modern study and research has been channeled toward unlocking the anti aging skin care secrets of this remarkable fruit.

Xanthones are found in abundance throughout the entire fruit, but with the greatest amount being found in the pericarp or inner rind of the fruit. Xanthones are 100 times more powerful antioxidants than vitamin A, C & E.
The antioxidant properties of xanthones are now available in anti aging skin care. Xanthones, have properties which help to heal cells damaged by free radicals, slow aging, and ward off degenerative diseases.
It is the the latest miracle fruit, having great anti-oxidizing benefits which in turn help to control the aging process.

Natural Anti aging Benefits
This Asian fruit, packed with naturally occurring xanthone, can help:
  • Stimulates collagen protein production to strengthen the skin matrix.
  • Rich in phytonutrients, which are natural compounds that provide health benefits by working together with other nutrients in your body.
  • Strengthen Your Immune System.
  • Promote a Healthy Respiratory System.
  • Maintain Intestinal Health.
  • Support Cartilage and Joint Function.
  • Combat the effects of Free Radicals and Inflammation.
  • Anti aging – Pure mangosteen pericarp oil can give topical skin nutrition to sooth, energize, and protect skin.
  • Brings balance and helps in signs of inflammation in problem skin.
The Importance Of Mangosteen Antioxidants
200 different varieties of xanthones have been identified through scientific studies, with 40 found in mango_steen. Antioxidants may offer the best protection your body has against damaging free radicals.
Free radicals attack us from many different environmental sources every day such as in the form of pollutants in the air we breath, food additives, alcohol, tobacco, sun exposure, pesticides, and prescription drugs.
As we age, the amount of free radicals we produce increases. It has been determined that very large amounts of free radicals accumulated in your body, may significantly shorten your life span and age prematurely.
Antioxidant juice, vitamins, or other sources protect against the oxidizing effects of free radicals, stimulate the immune system's response to help fight existing diseases and help slow skin aging.
Nutrient Rich Benefits
Although free radicals cannot be completely avoided as they are produced as a part of normal cellular function there is antiagingsolutions.
To maintain good anti aging skin care, health and our well being, it is clearly imperative that we must supplement our diets with natural antioxidants.
Supplementing the diet with antioxidants dramatically slows this aging process. Antioxidant nutrients stabilize and neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals.
The antioxidant rich, fresh mangosteen fruit offers health and anti aging benefits.

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