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Home Project Interesting Quotes

The documentary Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is a beautifully shot panorama of the Earth and the damage done to it by modern humanity. These are the best shots and quotes in the movie that we strongly recommend you to watch.
home project interesting facts01 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
The Great Prismatic at the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. Hot springs like these still hold archeobacteria, primitive life forms that are vital ancestors to all yesterday’s and today’s plant species. These bacteria and its ancestors changed the destiny of our planet.
home project interesting facts02 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
The Tungnaa river, north-east from Landmannalaugar, in Southern Iceland. Shown in the movie to illustrate the importance of water as the ‘veins’ of the Earth.
home project interesting facts03 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
The Iguazu waterfalls in Misiones Province, Argentina, represent the power of this vital component of life on earth.
home project interesting facts04 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Coral reef barriers in Queensland, Australia. Born from the marriage of algae and shells, corals cover less than 1% of the ocean floor. But they provide a habitat for thousands of species of fish, mollusks and algae. They represent the idea that Earth relies on a balance in which every being has a role to play and exists only through the existence of another being.
home project interesting facts05 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
An image of the Fjordland Park in New Zeland. It took the Earth four billion years to ‘make’ trees, a perfect living sculpture of life and the only natural element in perpetual movement towards the sky.
home project interesting facts06 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
After 180 thousand years of nomadic living, humans settled down in wet environments abundant with fish. Even today, the majority of humankind lives on the continent’s coastlines, where land, water and life combine. Canoes at the Mopti port in the Niger river, Mali.
home project interesting facts07 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
A dromedary caravan near Tichit, Mauritania, shows how humans have found some of their lacking physical strengths in animals that have helped them discover new territories.
home project interesting facts08 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
“We’re like every species, our principal daily concern is to feed ourselves,” says Home when referring to the expansion of agriculture. This activity is still the most widespread occupation in the world. The photo shows women working at wheat fields in the Dades valley, Morocco.
home project interesting facts09 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Oil freed humans from their toil on land and gave people incredible comforts. In just 50 years, a human’s lifetime, the Earth has been more radically changed than by all previous generations of humanity. Population has tripled and over three billion people have moved to cities. Shenzen, China, was just a small fishing village 40 years ago.
home project interesting facts10 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
With oil, machines replaced men in the fields: only three million farmers are left in the USA. The photo shows a wheat harvest in Lamar, Colorado.
home project interesting facts11 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Thanks to fertilizers, the enormous varieties of crops gave way to the most productive and easiest to transport: 75% of crops developed by farmers for centuries have disappeared. Fertilizer below, plastic on top, the greenhouses of Almeria, Spain, provide uniformly sized vegetables to different parts of Europe.
home project interesting facts12 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Oil extraction near Bakersfield, California, USA, shows how our lives move to the rhythm of machines making us completely dependent on petrol.
home project interesting facts13 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
The other huge problem of this time: water. India is probably the country that will suffer the most the lack of water in the coming century. About 21 million wells have been dug in the last 50 years. This one is in Khudiala, Rajasthan.
home project interesting facts14 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Desert cities with tropical vegetation like Palm Springs are among the top consumers of water. “How long can this mirage continue to prosper?”
home project interesting facts15 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Nigeria is the biggest oil exporter in Africa, and yet 70% of its population lives under the poverty line, like people in this shanty town in front of Lagos island. Poverty is the cause of population movements whose scale we can’t realize now.
home project interesting facts16 <em>Home Project</em> Interesting Quotes
Not all is bad: these solar homes in Vauban, an eco town in Frisburg, Germany, show that another future is possible.

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